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Video: Miles Sampa Kidnapping

Miles Sampa

The Patriotic Front Party has yet again begun cracking down following Lusaka Province Mayor Miles Sampa’s declaration that he has a lot of guns and will defend himself from unruly PF thugs.

Yesterday, Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa told the BBC that he will defend himself from the PF thugs who are aiming his for life.

But Lungu who is a beneficiary of the PF thugs’s violence and upon his arrival from Eastern province last night, held a meeting with the ring leaders of the thugs at which he advised them to pass a vote of no confidence in MILES SAMPA.

Top Secret investigations have established that starting today, PF thugs will begin demonstrations dubbed: Miles Sampa must go!.

The demonstrations as a sign of vote of no confidence in MILES SAMPA will continue for as long as he is not ready to dance to the tune of the thugs.

During the adoption process, Lungu did not want Miles Sampa to contest on the PF ticket but he was only coiled after the PF highest organ hinted on curtailing his presidential ambitions.And among those expected to set the vote of no confidence in MILES SAMPA agenda include Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo who has already rubbished the Mayor’s cry that he is under siege from the PF thugs.

source: ZambianObserver