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President Edgar Lungu says there is enough food in the country

President Edgar Lungu in Church

Zambia Has Sufficient Maize Stocks to Meet Both Industrial & Human Consumption Says, President Lungu. President Edgar Lungu says government is cognizant of the fact that maize production in the 2018/2019 farming season was harvested more in the Northern half than the Southern part of the country due to the uneven rain distribution.

And President Lungu says while government is anticipating a number of food security threats, measures aimed at mitigating those threats in order to safeguard national food security have been put in place. The Head of State has assured Zambians that the country has sufficient maize stocks to meet both industrial and human consumption.

Meanwhile, the President has called on all the farmers to sell all their maize to the Food Reserve Agency for government to beef up its national strategic reserves.

President Edgar Lungu

And President Lungu has warned the millers against taking advantage of the food security threats by exploring Zambians through unwarranted hiking of mealie meal prices.

The Head of State has announced that government is closely monitoring the mealie meal prices and, “will not condone anyone, whether traders or miller to take advantage of this situation by exploiting Zambians.”

“Against this background, is misplaced to trivialize and politicize the issue of mealie meal prices as this matter affects every Zambian regardless of their various political affiliations. President Lungu said this when he officiated at the ground breaking ceremony to mark the beginning of construction works on the Chiansi irrigation project in Chanyanya, Kafue district, today

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Source: zambiawatchdog