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President Lungu submits to Hichilema in the spiritual realm

The meeting between the leaders of the political parties and the ECZ

President Lungu submits to Hichilema in the spiritual realm

Prophet Abraham Nathan Tembo of ‘God’s Mountain’ Ministries based in Lusaka West says President Edgar Lungu gave away some considerable territory in the natural, but most critically in the Spiritual realm when he allowed himself to be ‘talked over’ by his main political opponent, at an ECZ meeting in Mulungushi International Conference Centre last week. The Prophet said words carry a substantial amount of power and when they are not responded to or repudiated, the listener is submitting to the authority of the speaker.

“President Edgar Lungu should have allowed himself to speak even just closing remarks to thank fellow Presidents for taking the time to attend the meeting. That would have been enough to withdraw the authority he willingly granted to his political rival”.

Prophet Tembo likened the meeting to a biblical incident in Samuel 24: 1 – 8 when David cut part of King Saul’s garment and sneaked away from the cave unnoticed.

“The spiritual meaning of what happened when David cut off of a piece from the hem of Saul’s garment was that it signified the transfer of kingly authority from Saul to David. Now I know that President Lungu is not a monarch like Saul was, but an elected representative of the people, but we are dealing with power here whether political or kingly, it is still authority and Hichilema cut a good part of it from the President”, stated Prophet Tembo.

The Prophet said President Edgar Lungu had an opportunity to reverse the blunder had he upon his departure from the auditorium walked over to Hichilema and greeted him.

“The President used human wisdom and arrogance. He should have walked over to Hichilema and greeted him and that would have neutralized the glitch because he would have ‘talked over him’ which was the most important thing, but he didn’t”, mused Prophet Tembo.
Prophet Tembo believes this has profound significance, especially that the meeting in question was not an ordinary one but of transfer of power. He believes no matter what President Edgar Lungu does or does not do to Hichilema, the UPND leader is headed for a victory next year, even amidst whatever stately intervention on behalf of the Republican President.

For a long time, Hakainde Hichilema had been cajoling President Edgar Lungu for a dialogue on governance issues and the economy, and at the ECZ meeting, the UPND President got the opportunity, but Lungu came to the table very subdued and with nothing for it but the debate went on.

-Zambian Observer

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