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Laura Miti to President Lungu – Thou art the man!

laura Miti

Laura Miti to President Lungu – Thou art the man!

Dear Pentecostal Clergy,

You will agree with me that, in the Bible, every King that went rogue, had prophets telling him he was doing just fine. Even the evil King Ahab, as he was searching for the prophet Elijah, so he could kill him, had former prophets of Yahweh burning sacrifices with Baal’s riotus lot.

You should remember too that, while that is true, there always was a righteous Elijah, Nathan or Samuel to do God’s bidding, during Israel’s difficult times.

I will alert you to a rarely spoken about fact that these prophets, who stayed faithful to God, always came from outside the King’s court to bring a message or carry out a duty. Usually, their own lives were sparse and difficult.

What I am saying is that the prophets of God did not sit at the table of the King, or fraternize with him. There was a clear separation that allowed them to speak into the life of the King, truthfully.

I address you because today is the National Day of Prayer in our Zambia. On this day, I find myself wondering how many of you will be able to say to President Lungu, like prophet Nathan did to King David – Thou art the man?
I direct this to you the Pentecostals, the part of the church I belong to, because it is you who announced to the nation that President Lungu was a born-again leader who would do right by Zambia. You essentially anointed him and presented him to the people as God’s choice for them.

Well, we all know that it would be very difficult to still state that President Lungu’s leadership has been godly or good for the people. We also know that, right now, the President is still making extremely harmful leadership choices.

So I ask, do any of you serve your own God truthfully enough to, like Nathan did to King David, say to President Lungu – you are the man that has destroyed Zambia? To speak honestly on this National Day of Prayer about the pain the country is in, under his leadership.

Or, will you keep feasting at the table of plenty, refusing to tell the President the truth so that maybe, just maybe, he may, like David, repent?

That because you choose to, this time, be honest messengers, this President may relieve the nation of the yoke of injustice it is now living under.

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