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Lungu vs HH and ECL will arrest HH

Lungu gets Hakainde Hichilema Arrested

Is the President of Zambia going to arrest Hakainde Hichilema? The UPND has made sensational claims that President Edgar Lungu is visiting Southern Province in the near future on a divide and rule session, to sow seeds of disharmony and blame the opposition party and HH.

Speaking during a press conference which the party held this afternoon, UPND chairperson, Mutale Nalumango said it is disheartening that Lungu is leading the pack sowing seeds of disharmony, instead of uniting the people.

She said the information her party has gathered indicates that Lungu has set up ‘thugs’ from the ruling party to seemingly disrupt his visit to Southern Province, and blame UPND for the disturbances and arrest its leader, Hakainde Hichilema.

She said Lungu’s prime goal in this move is to make sure that Hichilema’s name won’t appear on the ballot paper come 2021.

She urged UPND party members to stay away from Lungu’s visit so that he won’t have grounds to carry out his ‘evil’ scheme.

Speaking at the same event another UPND senior official Garry Nkombo urged traditional leaders in the area not to be used by Lungu for his own selfish gains.

He also called on the police to maintain the highest standards of professionalism by not collaborating with the ruling party’s ‘evil’ intentions saying that is retrogressive.

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Seems Seer 1 is back and with more scandals! Mention any prophecy that I gave over Zambia that has not come to pass – Seer 1.

I am the DON OF POWER, I lived before, I am living now and I am living in the future, while most people were busy singing and clapping for Edgar Lungu, I told you all that Zambia economy will collapse beyond repair before the year 2021 because of the massive looting going on in Edgar Lungu’s government.

Many people called me bitter, many called me a false prophet and many choose to give my warning deaf ears.

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