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THE situation we are in now is one I would describe as ‘Things Fall Apart’ part one; it’s the beginning of worse things to come in this country, says Chishimba Kambwili. Things Fall Apart is a classic book of literature by writer Chinua Achebe and describes a falling apart of things if the centre cannot hold. Kambwili said President Edgar Lungu’s address to Parliament was nothing but hollow and his trip to that assembly was just to defend the Chinese.

The PF Roan member of parliament said President Lungu’s arrogance in the house showed that the country was already under Chinese rule.

During the opening of the third Session of the 12th National Assembly President Lungu said Zambia’s friendship with China was mutual and “no amount of reckless propaganda will deter us from entrenching this relationship for the common good of our people”, adding that Zambia would choose its friends on its own.

However, Kambwili said: “It must be known that President Edgar Lungu…the man has no interest of this country at heart. Lungu’s interest is to get as much money from the Chinese as possible for his personal gain. He is not looking at the implications of those loans but all he is interested in is to enrich himself with his cronies. I can tell you that the way he came out on the Chinese in Parliament, it is clear that this country has been taken over by the Chinese and Lungu cannot do anything to deter the Chinese from taking over Zambian and ill-treating our people. Lungu must know that it’s not the Chinese that voted for him but the Zambian people. Every time you see a leader becoming arrogant, you must know that his time is up, the situation we are in now is one I would describe as ‘Things Fall Apart’ part one; it’s the beginning of worse things to come in this country,” Kambwili said.

The former information minister complained that with the gravity of corruption both in government and the nation at large, President Lungu should be the last person to mention the word ‘corruption’.

“I would not waste much time to talk about Lungu because as far I am concerned, Lungu has got no integrity to preserve. Lungu deserves to be caged, Lungu belongs to the correctional services…that’s where he belongs, he doesn’t belong on the street. Lungu should be the last person to be talking about corruption because Lungu is corrupt, he is corruption himself. What is happening in this country in line with corruption, Lungu must not even pronounce the word corruption, he should even remove the word corruption from his vocabulary…the fight against corruption because himself is corruption,” Kambwili said.

He wondered why a president would go to Parliament to defend the Chinese with such venom and warned Zambians that “one day soon, they will wake up to a Chinese government on home soil”.

“I want to warn the Zambians that soon and very soon, you will wake up only to find the country has been taken over by the Chinese. Why should Lungu be defending this issue of the Chinese like that? He thinks the whole world is abnormal just to be talking about Zambia? People all over the world are talking about Zambia and the Chinese because they feel pity for the people of Zambia and they are warning you in advance. How can the President take his time to go to Parliament just to go and defend the Chinese?” wondered Kambwili.

“You have a wrong chap at State House. His address to Parliament does not mean anything, it was hollow with no substance…I am even glad that I was not there, and this man is a finished man. The only thing he has achieved in State House is to buy nice suits, build houses for himself, build Casinos, build houses in foreign land, accumulate wealth he cannot account for but for issues of governance, he is zero-rated.”

source: themast

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