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President Lungu’s hatred of Kambwili revealed

President Lungu’s hatred of Kambwili revealed

To understand why President Edgar Lungu hates Chishimba Kambwili so much , you need to go 6 years back in time.

When President Michael Sata died, Kambwili internally opposed the coronation of Lungu as president while the majority of PF members gathered around Lungu, Kambwili was one of the last ones to come on board among the PF top brass to support Lungu, he only reluctantly came on board a few days before nominations for the presidential by election were scheduled to happen, and it had to take several other ministers and PF officials to finally convince him.

Kambwili had on many occasions told his colleagues in PF that Lungu was a weak, incapable and an unstable person because of his character and his drinking problem.
Kambwili had on many occasions proclaimed to others in the PF that the man they were installing as President was unfit for the job.

Lungu was aware at all times that Kambwili didn’t want him to be president

Nevertheless Kambwili campaigned vigorously for Lungu to help the PF stay in government.

Then In 2016, even before the Elections, Kambwili made it very clear that he would contest the PF party presidency in 2021 when Lungu’s term of office came to an end.

The PF constitution calls for election of a party president every 5 years.

Lungu did not like this because he already had intentions for a third term.
But he needed Kambwili to campaign for him on the Copperbelt so he pretended that everything was ok.

But After the 2016 election, Lungu had already decided that Kambwili would not be in the new cabinet. He didn’t appoint Kambwili until pressure from within the party forced him to make the appointment.

Soon after that Lungu organized groups endorsing him as the PF sole candidate for 2021, Kambwili opposed this notion, he insisted that the PF constitution be followed, he refused to endorse ECL for 2021.

It was this that triggered Lungu to fire Kambwili from cabinet, he refused to join the ECL 2021 bandwagon.

Soon after firing Kambwili, Lungu set the ACC, DEC and police on Kambwili, they arrested him several times, they threw him in jail, they searched his homes, his financial records. They found no evidence of corruption, the man was clean.
That’s how they came up with this flimsy charge from Chilufya Tayali.

Soon after, Lungu called all the senior PF members, he demanded loyalty and told them that they all had to support him in expelling Kambwili from PF. They had a central committee meeting where Kambwili was expelled illegally in contravention of party procedures.

Lungu promoted all of them that made noise and insults against Kambwili in that meeting. Kambwili went on to form the NDC in order to pursue his presidential ambitions where as external consultant he was able to remain as Roan MP but also grow the NDC.

The formation of NDC horrified Lungu, he wanted the party destroyed immediately. The NDC has experienced immense brutality from the police and PF since birth. Several of our leaders have been arrested on numerous occasions, the party was deregistered, and our Lusaka youth chairman Obed Kasongo was killed by the PF.

But even before the courts could decide on the Roan seat, the speaker Patrick Matibini declared the Roan parliamentary seat vacant triggering a surprise by election.

Lungu thought that defeating Kambwili in Roan would mark the end of his political career.
But what Lungu didn’t realize was that Kambwili was still very popular in Roan, and that an unlikely alliance with UPND would destroy the PF in Luanshya.

UPND gracefully stepped aside in Roan despite being the largest opposition party. The UPND vigorously supported the NDC in the by election and the strength gathered from an alliance between Hakainde Hichilema and Chishimba Kambwili delivered a devastating blow to the PF.
The whole cabinet camped in Luanshya, with millions of kwacha spent.
But when the votes were counted NDC got 60% and PF got 38% only, yet in 2016 just two years earlier, PF got 70% in Roan.
This marked the first time in 5 election cycles that the PF was beaten by another party in a mining constituency.

The PF is scared of this repeating itself all over the Copperbelt and beyond.

In addition to this Chishimba Kambwili has exposed numerous corruption scandals in the PF government because he has inside sources and whistle blowers who feed him with information.
Kambwili sits on a mountain of evidence of corruption against all corrupt PF officials, and he speaks it out to Zambians.
These exposures of corruption scandals have weakened ECL and destroyed the perceptions of Zambians about him, because the corruption allegations come with irrefutable evidence.

And going into 2021, ECL knows Kambwili’s charisma and ability to campaign effectively and convince people, and he’s horrified with the prospect of an HH/Kambwili alliance, it scares him.
So it’s on this backdrop that he’s finally decided that the only way to shut up Kambwili and eliminate him from the political scene is through imprisonment.
The timing and the length of the sentence says it all.

Lungu also knows that Kambwili commands a great deal of support among the true greens, the real Michael Sata PF members, who have mostly been sidelined in preference for those who came from MMD.

A large number of these people will cross over from PF when that time comes in 2021 and Chishimba Kambwili is the one person they know that will welcome them and make them feel at home when they leave PF. Many of them are already silent NDC members. -NDC

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