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Lungu’s response to UNZA riots heartless- Msoni

President Lungu Unza riots

President Lungu has refused to comment to the riots at the University of Zambia (UNZA) that left one student dead.

Asked to comment by Journalists at Kenneth Kaunda International Airport, President Lungu said he had no comment.

But All People’s Congress (APC) leader Nason Msoni has described the response as heartless.

In a press release below Sunday night, Msoni says:

Lungu’s heartless response to the recent riot at UNZA that has left an innocent student dead is totally appalling and insensitive to the grieving family.
Mr Edgar Lungu said he had no comment to make on the death of a UNZA student who was reported to have been suffocated by police tear gas.

Lungu instead opted to talk about an adage of an old woman disappearing from the village and hyenas defecating white hair.
In other words, his insinuating that the accusation against the police could well be fake or untrue just as the hyenas merely defecating white hair all over the place cannot be conclusive or be presumed to have been mauled down to death by the hyenas.

His assertion that the police will investigate the matter that in itself effectively kills off the initiative of getting a credible report as this is tantamount to recruiting an accused witch in the village to assume the role of a witchfinder. Just how does that work?

Mr Lungu knows exactly what transpired and how those heavy-handed instructions whilst panicking where recklessly issued to the police. What the police did was to carry out the assignment as instructed by their Principals Lungu and his Minister of Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo.

Mr Lungu’s insistence on the police report is merely intended to whitewash himself and the police ultimately pushing the blame on the Opposition and students as the people responsible for inciting the riot.

The happenings in our country are all pointing to the tragic failer of leadership.
A good leader should have had the decency of consoling the grieving family and promising to bring to book the police officers responsible for causing the untimely death of the Student.

Nason Msoni
All Peoples Congress APC