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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

Lusaka City Council Owing Retirees K1 Billion

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The Lusaka City Council currently owes over One Billion kwacha to its retirees as of July 31, 2021.

AND Local Government Minister GARRY NKOMBO has directed the newly elected Lusaka Mayor CHILANDO CHITANGALA to ensure the Council devises an innovation of clearing the debt.

The Minister says his Ministry has noted that a number of Commercial and Industrial properties in the City have not been captured, and has since urged the Council to do so to increase Revenue Collection.

Mr. NKOMBO was speaking during the installation of Lusaka Mayor Ms. CHITANGALA.

And Ms. CHITANGALA has pledged to ensure she works with all political parties and other stakeholders in developing Lusaka.

Ms. CHITANGALA said during her tenure of office she will ensure there is transparency in the use of public funds.

In other News – Faith Musonda ordered to prove source of income after police seize millions from her house

WHILE Faith Musonda, the alleged owner of the K65 million and US$57,000 cash seized by police on Saturday remains out of contact, lawyers say although the law does not restrict anyone from keeping any amount of money outside the banking system, it will be up to her to prove it was legally obtained.

However, this has to be beyond any reasonable doubt. That is perhaps where the case will get interesting. Faith has to prove that she is capable of earning that kind of. learn more

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