“lusaka Golf Club Greens To Be Highly Rated “

According to a golf course developer, the Lusaka Golf Club will have some of the top ratings in Africa after renovations are complete.

According to DAWIE KYLNSMITH, after construction is finished, the Lusaka Golf Club will feature the greatest greens in Africa, making it one of the best locations for the sport.

Work on the Lusaka golf club, according to KYLNSMITH, director of Africa Golf Works Investment, is almost finished.

He was giving a speech in Lusaka when John Deere, a South African corporation, donated equipment to the Lusaka Golf Club to speed up construction.

According to KYLNSMITH, the arrival of the green and surrounding cutter machines will guarantee that the work is completed on schedule because the golf club is anticipated to open in April.

Moreover, STEVEN RHYNES, a technician at John Deere, stated that luring foreign players and hosting international golf tours depends on having equipment with cutting-edge technology.

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