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Lusaka landlord in court after burning tenant with hot porridge over K90 rentals arrears

A Lusaka landlord has appeared in the Magistrates’ Court and pleaded not guilty of burning her tenant with hot porridge. Rebecca Mwansa, 65, a teacher of John Laing compound, is charged with assault occasioning actual bodily harm.

Allegations are that Mwansa on June 29, 2021 assaulted her tenant Bwalya Malekani and occasioned him actual bodily harm but denied the charge. When the matter came up before Lusaka magistrate Nthandose Chabala, Malekani’s wife Reverence Muchimba, 26, testified that Mwansa, the landlord, left the township and went to visit relatives in the village.

“But after she went to the village, she never had transport money for
her return. She then sent her daughter to come and collect money for
her transport from us the tenants,” Muchimba said.

She said she got K210 and gave the landlord’s daughter who was sent to collect the money so that she could give it to her mother. “We pay K300 as rentals, so since I gave her K210 for our landlord’s transport, it meant that there was a balance of K90 for rentals,” Muchimba

She said when Mwansa returned from the village, she started pressuring Malekani to pay the K90 balance. Muchimba said Mwansa later got the lock to their house and ordered
them to vacate the premises.

She said later in the day, Mwansa returned while she was in the house preparing some food on a brazier. “The landlord pushed the door which hit into the brazier and a pot
containing hot porridge fell on my husband’s feet and he got burnt,” Muchimba said.
She said the matter was reported to the police and Mwansa was arrested and charged with assault while her husband was taken to hospital and was still nursing injuries he sustained.

Mwansa in cross-examination asked Muchimba if she can injure her husband over a K90 and in response, the latter said she was also wondering. Mwansa said asked Muchimba if she was aware that the lawsuit was based on lies, the witness said it was not true. Trial continues on August 20, 2021, according to the Daily Star Zambia. NOTE: Picture for illustration purposes only.


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