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Lusaka Lawyer John Sangwa to challenge President Lungu’s eligibility

John Sangwa

Lusaka Lawyer John Sangwa has confirmed that he will go ahead and petition President Edgar Lungu’s eligibility to contest the August 2021 general elections.

Mr. Sangwa said now that it is abundantly clear President Lungu wants to stand as President in the August polls, he will go ahead and challenge his eligibility in the Constitutional Court.

Speaking on Phoenix FM’s Let the People Talk radio programme on Tuesday, Mr Sangwa said it is now up to the Court to determine whether President Lungu qualifies to stand or not.

“I have deliberately avoided the eligibility matter on this programme because I know that this is a matter that will be resolved by the Courts and I think we would have all the indications on the ground that the matter would have to be resolved by Court soon,” Mr Sangwa said.

“I think we have debated enough, I think people have given their positions, I think the one camp is saying this issue is already resolved by the Court and I am saying that no it has not been resolved by the Courts but you know you can have a debate up to a certain point and when you are stuck in your respective positions, the only civil thing to do is to allow the matter to be decided in court.”

“And its not far, it’s only next month and of God willing, we will still be standing then we will see how the matter will be settled,” Mr Sangwa said.

“You see, we need to have faith in ten institutions that we have, we have our judicial system, although they are lowly paid but the truth is that these are the only institutions we have and when there is a dispute and we are falling to agree on, we take the matter to court for interpretation.”

He said,”There has been a lot of time expended on the issue of eligibility and we can’t seem to agree abd the next thing we have to do is leave it for the Court to decide.”

On calls by some PF offocials that Mr Sangwa be arrested for treason for questioning President Lungu’s eligibility, Mr Sangwa said he has not done anything illegal.

“I have argued that in my opinion, the only person who should be arrested is the one whom I believe is not edible to hold office. I am simply standing in defence of the constitution which is an obligation for me as a Lawyer and I have taken oath to protect the constitution and I don’t know how that can translate into treason?

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