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Lusaka Man Beaten To Death After He Was Caught With Someone’s Wife


Yesterday a certain man was almost beaten to death in Lusaka’s Kanyama Compound.

He found pleasure in conning someone’s wife by enticing her with K500.
The lady is very beautiful, average tall with long dark natural hair; wide hips, and a big behind. Her eyes like that of a calf from the West coast of North America, watery and white like a goat milk. No wonder the man couldn’t control himself but went on to propose this charming damsel. He didn’t care about her marital status, after all, no one knew him in that area.

At first, he was afraid of approaching her but an inner boy influenced and controlled his reasoning and feelings. The lady also gave him an indicator of willingness, of course after seeing the cash.

The guy bent down, grabbed the damsel and she found herself on the floor of an uncompleted building. He found himself between the smooth thighs of the sweet Lusaka married lassie. His front tail began to investigate matters in the woman’s lunch bowl full of milk and honey. “This might be the much talked about promised land!”, he thought excitedly. Soon he was taken in the spiritual realm of earthly pleasures. He forgot that she was someone’s wife. He began to roll, turn, drill, till, plough, cultivate, turn over and harrow, pushing himself in and out, pounding and grinding, his eyes were rolling like an Indonesian gorilla stealing bananas and he became dizzy like he had taken kantobo. But as he was about to reach his climax in finding himself in the sanctuary of sweetness and comfortability, he heard something very thick, strong and powerful resting on his back producing a cracking sound, “Kwakaaa!”

It was the owner of the wife who hit him hard!.
“Iseni bonse kuno!”, he shouted.

We all ran to witness, only to find the man’s privati party gallivanting and we were able to see it. Unfortunately, it didn’t achieve its missionary purpose. It was intercepted by the owner of the kingdom.

I stood there and saw the mob rising like an army of Shaka Zulu. The adulterous fella attempted to escape like King Ahab escaping from the spear of the King of Assyria, but it was too late! He found himself on the ground as he was mercilessly hit, and before he realised it, his face became fat and his nationality immediately changed from Zambian to Chinese as his eyes became very small covered by a swelled up face. “He has met his match”, the onlookers shouted. His cloths were completely torn! The person who tore them, he knew him not.
They say when you die you go to heaven, though he didn’t die but he tested mini heaven, thanks to the Kanyama Clinic Doctors who resuscitated him. But his left arm got broken!
“He will appear in court soon!” Says the owner of the wife.

These are the consequences of sleeping with someone’s wife. Men be very careful, stop admiring and enticing other people’s wives. Be content with what you have. The Bible says, “So is he who sleeps with another man’s wife; no one who touches her will go unpunished,” Proverbs 6:29.

Stay away from other people’s wives. Blessed are You!


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