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Lusaka man invents Sharwama making machine


Obstacles are only obstacles when you allow them to get into your head. This life changing story of two gentlemen and a lady who are in the Sharwama business will make you realize that nothing can stop you from doing what you put your heart to.

Mabvuto Goma, Lawrence Bwalya and Pamela Hambote are Lusaka based business partners who have been facing challenges in their Sharwama business.

Unlike what the majority do whenever they are faced with challenges, the trio refused to bury their dream and instead chose to be innovative. They just started out with an idea, with no Sharwama Machine and other things necessary to the business.

However, Bwalya walked to his two partners and fed them the idea of making a Sharwama making machine which uses charcoal. His two partners didn’t buy the idea and just laughed it off thinking it was unrealistic.

Bwalya persuaded his partners to believe that the idea can actually work. It took a lot for his partners to believe in the dream.

Brilliant Bwalya then went to the welder together with his partners to have the Sharwama Machine made. The idea got the welder confused until Bwalya started directing him step by step on what he needed to be done.

Then boom! The machine came to being and it works perfectly. The trio is thinking of modifying it so that it starts using electricity instead of charcoal.

However, despite the team having successfully made the Sharwama Machine, they still have financial challenges to keep the business running smoothly. Among the things the trio lacks is the deep fryer which they hope to get soon through support to grow their business.

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