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Lusaka Mayor Miles Sampa blesses a selfless marketeer


Lusaka residents alerted Lusaka Mayor, Miles Sampa of an old woman that sweeps on Lumumba road early morning on a voluntary basis.

The Mayor then asked for her number and a newspaper vendor nearby called her so that he could speak to her via his phone.

“We spoke and I got to know more about her,’ Mr.Sampa said. She was a marketeer selling Kapenta and Vinkubala (caterpillers) but went broke post Covid lock down. She resorted to sweeping the road and then some good samaritan motorists would give her coins. She also has a house in kwa Frank (Misisi area) where she lives that has been at window level for years.

This morning Mile Sampa suprised her with a visit at her ‘office’ along Lumumba road (Barlow World area).
For her passion, selfless, zeal and voluntary attitude to cleanliness, Miles Sampa rewarded her with;

  1. K2000 cash as capital to restock and re-start her Kapenta and Vinkubala business.
  2. A LusCab ride which was on standby to instantly take her to Soweto market to buy wholesale a sack of Kapenta and vinkubala. The cab driver ba Miss Mashata then drove her to her home kwa Frank.
  3. The Mayor also told her that he would complete her house as soon as possible so that she has a reliable shelter which she can also rent out part of it.

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