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Tuesday, June 22, 2021

Macky 2 – Don’t politicize the entertainment industry

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Most People Who Want Democracy.. Don’t Want It For Everyone, Kamofye Bena.. The Same People Who Cry For Freedom Of Expression Don’t Want Other People To Express Themselves.

One Of The Reasons Why We Have So Much Political Violence During Elections Is Becuase We Look At People With Different Opinions As Enemies.

This Type Of Ignorance Needs to Stop.

We Have Elections So That People Choose Who They Want.. You Can’t Force People.

After all, those who will live in peace must agree to disagree in many things with others, and will not let differences divide or disunite them.

I pray for the day young people will really take keen interest in politics.. notifye ukulaponta! Most of these politicians you fight about are actually friends behind the curtains.

It’s An Election Year.. Go And Speak With Your Vote. Chapwa.

1 More Thing!
Don’t Politicise The Entertainment Industry.. Ifwe Ni Business Fye, If You Pay It Will Show. Just Tell Your Party Leaders To Also Hire Artists To Sing For Them.

#musicisabusiness #itsjustbusiness #payus

In Other News: Man heavily beats up his Wife’s [email protected] boyfriend after catching them having s.e.x – Video

There was drama after a man caught his wife cheating. The husband beat the other man and proposed to escort the [email protected] man to his home and expose him to his wife.

The [email protected] man tries to wear his shorts but the husband does not give him the chance. In the video, the husband says he tried to...learn more

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