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Macky 2′ wife gaining weight

Macky 2 has become a common household name due to his hard work and focus in everything he does. There have been speculations affirming that Macky 2 nabbed haantinga from the young kasama swag rapper muzo aka alphonso. After his wedding in 2015, the rapper hanged around with his wife for some time without having any child.

Mark mulaza kaira famously known as Macky 2 tied the knot with Cheeelo beauty Haantinga a tonga by the tribe on the 27th of June 2015. It was a star-studded affair as several renowned music acts and personalities in the entertainment circles pitched up at the event to lend support to the Big Brother Hotshots finalist as he exchanged vows with his beautiful bride.

Macky 2

Everyone wondered why the rapper was still childless for such a long time. Rumors again flashed that Macky 2 could not bear children because he used his manhood for rituals to get more money and fame. The rapper surprised everyone in his gospel video umutima wandi which features gospel artist Ephraim carrying a baby with his wife on the other side. After the official release of the video, he cleared the air that he is now a father with a daughter by the name of faith. Watch and download the video below

Among the Zambian artists that are frequently being talked about on social media, Macky 2 is one of them. Being a public figure Macky 2 ‘s fans are always on his private and public affairs . Haantinga posted a picture on social media holding her daughter faith, she got a good number of comments regarding to her gaining too much weight. Criticisms has become part of her life, some macky 2 fans advised her to start working out and others acknowledged the rapper for taking good care of her.

Cheeelo beuty Haantinga Without apprehension Macky 2 is one of the most successful Zambian artists that most of the young and upcoming artists are looking up to. With the humble beginnings he rose to fame and conquered the Zambian music industry in no time.

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