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Mafinga MP Joyful About ITONTELO-MULEKATEMBO Road Improvements

Mafinga Robert Chabinga, a member of parliament, applauded the government for continuing to grant money for repairs of the ITONTELO-MULEKATEMBO Road, which connects Mafinga, Zambia, to Malawi.

According to Mr. CHABINGA, farmers primarily use the Road to get their goods to the border.

Mr. CHABINGA stated that the contractor has received three million kwacha in payments thus far since the project began when he reviewed ongoing construction.

According to him, the government has consistently released cash for the 30-kilometer stretch whose construction is going smoothly.

When farmers need to get their farm products to markets, Mr. CHABINGA continued, the government’s commitment to improving feeder roads couldn’t have come at a better moment.

He gave the locals of Mafinga the assurance that the road will be improved to appropriate levels and that moving goods would be simple.

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