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Magistrate acquits Kalimanshi’s attackers of malicious damage to property

THE Lusaka Magistrate’s Court has acquitted the five PF cadres who damaged self-proclaimed PF national commander Innocent Kalimanshi’s a vehicle during intraparty violence which characterised the party secretariat on May 1 of malicious damage to property.

This was after Kalimanshi withdrew his complaint against his attackers before magistrate Faides Hamaundu.

Bright Musonda, 38, a businessman, Keith Musonda 45, businessman, Kelvin Chisanga, a youth treasurer, Gift Lupiya, 34, a politician, and Nector Sinyangwe, 34, a youth chairman on May 1, willfully and unlawfully damaged an unregistered Ford Ranger belonging to Kalimanshi, which is valued at K700,000.

When the matter came up on Friday, Kalimanshi told the court that he did not wish to have the accused prosecuted as he had forgiven them.

Magistrate Hamaundu allowed Kalimanshi to withdraw the charge and acquitted the accused persons.

Speaking after the court session, Kalimanshi said he did not want his attackers to be sent to jail and have the party to blame for their misfortune.

“Nasala ukubelela, pali inonshita epo mfikile namumfwa age yandi, inkwete 40 years, elo muma politics nakokolamo sana, cifwile caba cisambililo kuli onse uuleba muma politics. Ama politics luse noku sunga abantu (I have decided to forgive them looking at my age; I am 40 and I have been in politics for a long time, what happened should serve as an example to everyone engaging in politics. Politics is about forgiveness and service to people),” Kalimanshi said.

“As ‘Americans’ for Edgar Chagwa, our aim is to bring people together and not to lose any sheep. Even those who do bad, you have to be good to them so that they know that politics is a service to people and not being violent.”

He said the party has not yet compensated him for the damage that was caused to his car but he decided to sort out his differences with fellow party members so that they help the President.

” If I take my brothers to prison, they have families and the said families will begin to think that the PF has jailed their relatives, so we have to show leadership,” he said.

Asked if he had easily forgotten about his vehicle, Kalimanshi said “cilya cipe ficili fileisa, palwandi nga group yesu, Lesa alitupala sana fikamoneka (that is just property I will recoup more, God always blesses me and my troops, he will reimburse whatever I lost.”

And Kalimanshi’s ally, Nathan Phiri, said he was happy that Kalimanshi had reconciled with his attackers.

“We are no longer future leaders, we are the current leaders, so when you want to become a leader, you have to face challenges, so this is a challenge, we don’t want to leave Zambia in a bad spirit where you find that our own children will be fighting amongst themselves. Even those who are fond of fighting others, this is a lesson to them. We have one Zambia one nation. We need to move forward and continue supporting the President.”

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