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Mainda Simataa: These PF Cadres Hiding Behind Police Uniforms Deserve A Beating

Mainda Simataa: These PF Cadres Hiding Behind Police Uniforms Deserve A Beating

UPND firebrand Kamwala Ward 5 aspiring councillor Mainda Simataa has come out in defence of Chishimba Kambwili’s daughter Chanda who allegedly slapped a police officer for insulting her farther, and fellow UPND chikobo ward councillor Reagan Mubatsa who was arrested for calling a police officer ‘silly’ for denying him entrance at the Magistrates court yesterday were he and others went to offer solidarity to the jailed NDC leader.Chishimba Kambwili,

“Hon. Romeo Kangombe has been kidnapped by police and taken to Mpika for what? Who doesn’t know that Police officers are now now engaging in conduct likely to cause the breach of peace? And who doesn’t know that police are now recruited at PF secretariate where Davies Mwila and Kampyongo are now the defacto human resource managers who have the final say on who goes to be trained in slapping and shooting the UPND at Lilayi?” asked SimataaRomeo Kangombe

Simataa alleges that Zambia police is behaving like the discredited Nigerian SARS, adding that Mapenzi Chibulo was shot in cold blood 3 years ago by a PF cadre in uniform and that’s why even today, the name of the PF cadre in police uniform hasn’t been disclosed.

“What’s wrong with slapping and defending yourself from a PF cadre hiding in police uniform, criminals mascarading as police? But next year we’re going to fish all of them out, and those who killed Mapenzi, Vespers, Kaddafi, Mutapa and many innocent people, will go to mukobeko to pay for their crimes without parole or pension”.

In Other News: Shocking reason why Kambwili’s bail application was denied

Magistrate Simusamba denied Kambwili bail pending appeal on grounds that he did not comply with sections 321 and 323 of the Crinimal Procedural Code (CPC).


He said he was not going to entertain any application for bail pending appeal until such a time as the appeal procedure enshrined in the…learn more

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