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Make cancer treatment more affordable – Bflow tells President Lungu

Make cancer treatment more affordable

He wrote;

Thank you Mr President for promptly responding to this important call. Please don’t stop here. It is also an opportunity for us as a people to revive the spirit of ubuntu and extend this gesture to several other citizens who are battling with numerous other health conditions and financial situations all over the country.

Mr President, if cancer treatment can be made more affordable in our nation, many other Chama’s can receive medical attention in good time and more lives can be saved. Our Cancer Diseases Hospital (CDH) has great potential and it can definitely be the best in Africa if well equiped and capacitated.

A million thanks to the gallant health workers who are taking care of Chama and other Cancer Warriors, not forgetting everyone who has contributed to this cause be it materially or morally. Indeed it is true what they say that alone I can go fast but together we can go far.

Fellow citizens, what has happened today is evidence that this tool called social media is so powerful that we can use it to highlight our needs and concerns in order for our leaders to act on them.

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