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Malama ejects Kambwili for telling Dora that ‘you’ll be jailed over Topstar’

PF ROAN member of parliament Chishimba Kambwili has told information minister Dora Siliya that she will be jailed over the Topstar deal. But chairman of committees Mwimba Malama asked Kambwili to withdraw the word “nonsense”, but the Roan lawmaker refused.

“To tell you the truth, we need to be truthful to ourselves. This Topstar deal is a scandal. We should just accept. I expected you my sister Dora, honorable Siliya to do better, after you were in and out and in. But my sister you have failed us,” Kambwili said. “What is going on it’s complete nonsense, I thank you.”

“Honorable Kambwili withdraw the last word you have used,” Malama asked as Kambwili sat down but he refused.

“Okay, it doesn’t make sense, mukesa kakwa (you shall be arrested),” Kambwili maintained.

But Malama ordered Kambwili to leave the house.

“For the sake of peace, Honorable Kambwili can you leave the house,” Malama ordered as Kambwili walked out majestically.

source: themast

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