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Malawi President hires daughter as personal assistant

President Lazarus Chakwera’s daughter, Violet Chakwera, has been hired as a personal assistant, the Government has confirmed.

According to Minister of Information Gospel Kazako, Violet is the personal assistant to First Lady Monica Chakwera.

Kazako revealed this in a statement today in which he was defending Chakwera’s decision to fly with three family members to the United Kingdom. He argued that the three will play various roles during the trip.

“For instance, Mr. Kampondeni is the President’s Executive Assistant and Director of Communications, Ms. Violet Chakwera is the Personal Assistant to the First Lady while it is traditional worldwide that the First Lady accompanies the President on his travels,” said Kazako.

There had been reports that Violet was appointed as third secretary to the Malawi Mission to the European Union in Brussels.

But President Chakwera, in an interview with the BBC yesterday, denied appointing his daughter to the role and challenged those making allegations to check on their facts.

Still, it is expected that Violet will be receiving a higher salary while working as Personal Assistant to the First Lady which is Grade 3. The position of the third secretary at Malawi is in Grade 7.


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