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Malila: Not Every Case Needs To Go To Court

Lawyers have been urged by Chief Justice MUMBA MALILA to support out-of-court settlements in some cases.

ZAMBIA has developed into a litigious country, with people racing to the courts even when there are options for private dispute resolution, according to Justice MALILA.

Conciliation and mediation have been mentioned by Justice MALILA as potential alternatives to court proceedings.

During the admission of graduates from the Zambia Institute of Legal Education-ZIALE to the bar, he said this today in LUSAKA.

Despite the fact that there are more law graduates than attorneys, Justice MALILA noted that several state institutions are lacking in attorneys.

At the same event, LAZ President LUNGISANI ZULU urged recently hired attorneys to actively participate in national legal reforms.

And ANNY MALATA-ANONUJU, director of ZIALE, advised the new advocates to observe ethical standards in the workplace.

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