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Mambwe herbalist arrested for raping client’s wife who had a sore private part

The Chipata High Court has sentenced a 26-year-old herbalist of Ncheka area in Mambwe district to 30 years imprisonment with hard labour for raping his client’s wife.
And the court has sentenced a 26-year-old man of Chipata to 15 years imprisonment with hard labour for defilement.

This is the matter where Davison Banda was committed to the High Court for sentencing by the Chipata Magistrates Court.

Particulars of the offence are that on March 20 ,2020 Banda was approached by the victim’s husband to treat his sore which was on his private part for over seven years.
Banda asked the victim’s husband to take him to his house so that he could treat him from there.

After reaching the house where the victim was, Banda asked his patient to go outside the house to pluck leaves from a tree which he wanted to use as part of the medication.
The patient left his wife and Banda in the house and went to pluck the leaves as per instruction.

While the patient was still searching for the leaves, Banda asked his wife to give him her varginal fluids so that he could mixed it with leaves that her husband had gone to pluck outside.

He then started touching her private parts to extract the fluids he wanted but ended up raping her before her husband returned.
Banda told the victim not to mention anything to her husband because he would make both of them mad.

The convict spent a night at the couple’s house purporting that he wanted to observe his patient when in fact he had plans of raping his patient’s wife for the second time.
During the trial, the victim told the Court that the following day, Banda raped her for the second time after telling her husband to hide behind a big tree as he was administering charms in the house.

She said at the time of the incident, she was pregnant and Banda told her to abort the pregnancy because he wanted to marry her.

Banda was apprehended by members of the public after the victim reported the matter to the village headman and he was later taken to police.

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