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Mampi brings back nawty in new song

#MasobelaYatu 🖤

One of the top entertainers in Zambia, Mampi brings back nawty in her new song and the pictures that are going with it are beautiful and more than nice.

The picture that has since gone viral on social media shows Mampi looking really beautiful. We simply can’t get enough of her as she looks WOW.

#MasobelaYatu 🖤

Mampi’s new song is called Masobela Yatu and it features 1Billion. Mampi took to social media where she shared the cover to the song and has some nawty words to say.

Masobela Yatu Cover
Now lets get back to bine!!!you know what happens when mampi brings nau ghty back on a song ft the energetic and very [email protected]_1billion 👊😉😋🍻🃏💃🤸‍♀️🎶🎶🔊#MasobelaYatu #Bonnie&clyde #Mafopo #Belegede #DanceHall #NichaniIwe

We wonder how nawty Mampi will get in the video and we can only wait and see what she has in store for us.

Dare to be different 😊

Seeing that it’s a Sunday we thought let’s be very generous and share one more picture of the beautiful Mampi.

My Joy comes from above 🙏❤

We wish Mampi all the best in her upcoming projects. We hope the video of this new song Masobela Yatu will be good. Wishing you all the best.