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Mampi is brave with new hairstyle

Mampi shaved head

Mampi is brave with new hairstyle considering she completely shaved her hair off. The Zambian top singer took to Instagram where she shared these pictures and said: “bold..bald and brave 😉 swipe left @bellascreativity I took the advice 😂😊🤗
Makeup by @misspenny49″

Mampi shaved head

Mampi was surely brave to cut off all her hair but I gotta say she looks good though some people feel otherwise. Some would say she looks completely different from her usual self. Some comments were saying she is looking all beautiful while others were shocked. Comments like – “Honey you look beautiful now watch the progress 🙌🏼”

Mampi shaved head

Beautiful and different I think. I know people don’t like change and this new Mampi look is very different for lots of people to take in.

Mampi shaved head

I will let you take this look in before I can ask this question… What do you think of Mampi and her new hairstyle?

Throwing it back aya ndiye #Masobelayatu

Which would you prefer, the new Mampi look or the old look? Tell us in comments!

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