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Mampi is not worried about haters and attackers

There comes a point in life when you are not concerned about those people hating in you or those people constantly attacking you. When you get to that point then you know you have grown… This is what we can see from our top Diva Mampi.

According to her latest Instagram pictures, Mampi is not worried about people attacking her because of what she doesn’t have… She says it even makes her stronger.

Mampi shared a picture on her Instagram with a caption that really got to us… Got us wondering why people would attack such a beautiful soul.


Mampi said – When you try to attack me for that one thing that you feel I should have, you are reminding me to be grateful and build on the many blessings that I do have..things you probably don’t and that’s a win for me.this is my attitude towards life.
Mampi.m.mukape Outfit by @racine_fashion 
Hair by @esthers_hair_studioz Makeup by @theo_makeup_artist

Clearly Mampi is not at all moved by haters or what people say. She is focusing on moving forward with her life… Focusing on the positives only.

Dress by @forever21boutiques

Dressed to impress and always setting fashion goals, why would Mampi be even worried about what attackers think, she is not moved at all.


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