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Mampi Laughs Off Criticism Of Being Unmarried

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Mampi Laughs Off Criticism Of Being Unmarried

Miriam ‘Mampi’ Mukape is completely unfazed by criticism she is unmarried…

The Zambian star singer – who was recently linked to fellow celeb Macky 2 – has been hit with harsh criticism over her relationship status…Mampi cleared of cheating by Clifford Mulenga

Posing alongside a pic of good friend B’Flow, she posted on social media; “Zed captions be like ‘The unmarried’… always great linking up with this brother of mine bibili bibili, this is us laughing about zed drama and how people hate for fun.”maphi

And her fans seemed to agree with her…

“Marriage doesn’t guarantee someone’s happiness. Many people are in toxic marriages because they think marriage about society more than there happiness,” commented one fan.Mampi

Another added; “Marriage aint what brings complete happiness…when it comes it comes..in the mean time enjoy life!”

A third added; “We love you still! Whether married or not. Marriage is not the greatest achievement to ones life.

In Other News: Laura Miti to President Lungu – Thou art the man!

You will agree with me that, in the Bible, every King that went rogue, had prophets telling him he was doing just fine. Even the evil King Ahab, as he was searching for the prophet Elijah, so he could kill him, had former prophets of Yahweh burning sacrifices with Baal’s riotus lot.

laura Miti

You should remember too that, while that is true, there always was a righteous Elijah, Nathan or Samuel to do God’s bidding, during…learn more

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