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Mampi’s ex-boyfriend Dominic Yobe ties the knot

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Mampi’s ex-boyfriend Dominic Yobe ties the knot

Mampi and Dominic broke up because the Dominic cheated on Mami and called off the relationship. The songstress is enjoying her single life and recently fired shots on those were saying its high time the beauty should get married.mampi andex

The Zambian star singer – who was recently linked to fellow celeb Macky 2 but no proof of the two superstars has been made available Mampi-x-Macky2

She, however, brushed it off and shared a picture with good friend BFlow and captioned it… “Zed captions be like ‘The unmarried’… always great linking up with this brother of mine bibili bibili, this is us laughing about zed drama and how people hate for fun.”

One the other hand her ex Dominic Yobe has found and recently tied the not to one beautiful lady and took to social media to show off his bride. See picture below….mampi ex1

In Other News: Macky 2 Drops Bittersweet Visuals Starring Late Singer Daev

Macky 2 has released his music video for a song collaboration he did with the late singer Daev… and he claims it’s nothing short of “bittersweet”…

Macky 2

Daev tragically died last month after he was involved in a fatal car crash, which also killed…learn more