Home Scandals Man caught red-handed by his wife raping their 1-month-old baby

Man caught red-handed by his wife raping their 1-month-old baby

Mother drowns with her 4 children in Namwala

Man caught red-handed by his wife raping their 1-month-old baby

A man in his mid-40s was caught red-handed forcing v!rginal entry on his 1-month-old baby, his wife immediately called police leading to his arrest.

Boksburg, Dawn Park residents were left in shock with this incident and revealed the suspect has been having trouble at work and turned to rituals to safeguard his work position.

Speaking to this publication, one community member expressed her anger towards the police who refused to hand over the perpetrator to an angry mob.

“This level of inhumanity is not acceptable in this place, we don’t have a place for rapist, we don’t breathe the same air with them here, and the police must let us deal with him our own way. I doubt if this baby is his biological daughter, who does that to his daughter? We suspect that he has been using rituals to avoid being suspended at work”

Violence against women and children continues to raise in South Africa, a worrying stat which many regarded as an extreme sport being a woman in South Africa.
Fired Mpumalanga ANC MEC member allegedly raped his 8-year-old twin daughters injuring their private parts and anus in process, the Nelspruit regional court was told on Tuesday.

Investigating Officer Sergeant Solomon Mbokodo told the court that the victims were taken to Rob Ferreira Hospital for examination and to have DNA samples taken.

“We took the children to Rob Ferreira Hospital after removing them from their home [in July]. When we got there, we could not take DNA samples because [after] the incidents had happened 72 hours [had passed, so samples could not be taken]. What the medical professionals said is that they both had injuries in their private parts. The other victim had injuries in her anus too,” Mbokodo told the court.

The twins are said to lack family support, the investigating officer revealed that the victims reported the incident to their stepmother who told them that she doesn’t care. Their relationship with Cape Town-based biological mother is none existent thus reported the matter to their teachers.

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