Man Collapses After Finding His Girlfriend On Top Of Another Man

A man has taken to social media to explain his current state after found her serious girlfriend being eaten by another man in his house.

The man says he is currently hospitalized after suffering a heartbreak from the scandal.

He said, he found his girlfriend on the bed riding another guy and moaning and sweating like she was representing the whole of Africa in a s.e.x marathon.

The man shared her story on Twitter

His tweet reads;

I’ve been hospitalized because of heartbreak before. I met her on the bed riding another guy and moaning and sweating and riding so hard. It’s wasn’t a joke. It was so painful and hard to deal with for months.

You know why it hurts to bad. She broke my virginity. She thought me all I needed to know about sex.. She made me a s.e.x addict. I’m FREE Now!!!.

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