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Man gets drunk and poops in pot

Man gets drunk and poops in pot
A married woman of Lusaka’s Chalala area woke up to a rude shock after finding out that her ever drunk husband left their bedroom on to go and defecate into a cooking pot.
Petty Wanza, 37, has told Fyambe Media that her husband not only physically and verbally abuses her but also defecates and wets the bed whenever he comes home drunk.
“Yesterday, he came home drunk and I gave him food to eat. We all went to sleep but surprisingly this morning, my maid went to the kitchen only to find urine and feces in a pot we use for cooking nshima,”she said.
Man gets drunk and poops in pot
Wanza said she knew it could only be him because her husband is the only one who has that tendency of doing such.
“Imagine the trauma he is putting me and the children into, l have tried to be a good wife and tolerate this behavior from him but it’s too much, he even refused to clean up the mess he had made” she said.
Wanza disclosed that her marriage of 11 years with Sakabelo Sikabeta has broken down irretrievably.
And in responding to the matter, Sikabeta said his wife is lying because she wants to find a way of breaking up with him.
He said he is a grown up and responsible man who will not allow Wanza drag his name in the mud.
Meanwhile, Wanza said Sikabeta has been spending his money on beer and has totally forgotten about his responsibility to take of his children.
She said Sikabeta has turned into an alcoholic and has been involved in extra marital affairs.
Source: Fyambe