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Man heavily beats up his Wife’s [email protected] boyfriend after catching them having s.e.x – Video


There was drama after a man caught his wife cheating. The husband beat the other man and proposed to escort the [email protected] man to his home and expose him to his wife. The [email protected] man tries to wear his shorts but the husband does not give him the chance.

In the video, the husband says he tried to talk to this other man nicely after walking in on him and his wife in bed.

I wanted to talk to him nicely but he tried to run away. That is why I resorted to beating him. I want to go with him to his wife and expose him,” the angry husband says.

Watch the video here

The victim is clueless and keeps apologizing to the husband. People on social media feel the husband should also expose his wife and deal with his wife first for her betrayal. Others think it is good to teach men who go after married women a thorough lesson.

Here are some of the comments:

“Where is the wife? He must deal with the wife cos she is the cause of this triangle.”

“That guy has ping bongs on his head. Was that due to the conversation that they were having?”

“He way the husband is so calm and collected makes me wonder is the wife even worth it? She must be ugly”

“But pblm is the wife, she betrayed he husband with this guy and she allowed the Mjolo. so i dont know why this guy get the beating.”

Cases of cheating and mjolo going wrong seem to be rising. Unfortunately, there is so little one can do to avoid such. It is what it is and if your partner cheats it is not right to solve the issue by use of violence.


In other news – Baby mama of rapper Da L.E.S who was caught by Nelli Tembe cheating with AKA responds with a N#de photo

RappeDa L.E.S trended for the entire day yesterday after it was alleged through an anonymous letter that the mother of his child was having an affair with his best friend – well former best friend.

Aurea Alexander

The next morning, his baby mama Aurea Alexander poured cold water to the rumours and posted a steamy snap of the two of them together, in the n#de. Learn More

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