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Sandton S.E.X video scandal heats up – Couple involved in the s.e.x tape asked to come forward after wrong Man pointed

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The man who was wrongfully implicated in the Sandton s.e.x video scandal has pleaded with the company who employed the copulating couple to come forward and take responsibility for the incident.

The #SandtonS.e.x video, as it has since become notoriously known, has dominated Twitter for almost a week.

It has sparked widespread conversations, debates and even spurred similar hashtags including #s.e.xintheoffice and #SandtonChallenge while have all been viewed, retweeted and commented on thousands of times.

Sandton sex video culprits

Shot in the evening, apparently sometime last week – from a next-door building – the video shows a man and a woman in flagrant. The man is naked with his back to the camera. The woman is in a yellow dress.

While the Twitterverse expressed delight, faux shock and ribald commentary at the video, it is no laughing matter for Zahed Sibda, the father of two young children, who was incorrectly identified by a reckless social media user who posted his photo and contact details to Twitter.

This week, said Sibda, has been a nightmare. “I am still deeply hurt by this video.”

Amid the aftermath of the viral footage, Sibda, the managing director of investment company Fieldstone Private Capital, is urging the company below his offices where the actual assignation occurred to come forward.

“This company is remaining silent but they should do the right and honourable thing and come forward and tell the public that me or my company are not involved.

“They are protecting their reputation at the expense of mine and my company’s but they must be held accountable for the actions of their employees.”

Sandton sex video culprits

He understands why the actual couple in the s.e.x romp don’t want to reveal their identities. “I don’t suggest they disclose their identities because I don’t want them to go through what I have been going through.”

The businessman, however, advises them to work with a firm to release a statement anonymously with the purpose of declaring he is not the man in the video.

Despite the gruelling week that Sidba has experienced, he is grateful for those who have supported him through his ordeal.

“I am thankful for the support of my family, friends, clients and the public who have been there for me.”

He also plans to hunt down the person who first posted his picture and sue.

Fieldstone has also vowed to stand by its managing director and in a statement released last week, condemned the posting of the video and subsequent wrongful identification of Sibda and the firm.

“Categorically, these are not Fieldstone’s offices and the people in the video are not our employees. We understand that the company in whose offices the incident occurred has taken disciplinary action against the participants,” the statement read. “While prurient gossip is understandable, it is regrettable.

“It is even more regrettable that the good name of our managing director, Zahed Sibda, is being tarnished through allegations made with absolutely no proof.

“We are deeply sorry that an employee of ours has been accused and are extending every support to him. We reserve our legal rights with regards to the originator of the scandal.”

Meanwhile, Katherine & West Body Corporate, which owns the office block, Fieldstone and the unnamed company that apparently employed the amorous staffers, has since moved to distance itself from the matter, saying it had no control over the behaviour of staff working for other companies.

“We urge all management to discuss conduct matters with their staff,” it said.

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