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Man Who Failed To Kneel Down As He Popped The Question Defends Himself

A 30-year-old man who could not kneel down in church yesterday Sunday as he was engaging his fiance has defended himself saying it was the lady who actually refused to stand as he knelt down.

“My wife to be is well-drilled traditionally more than my expectations. Despite the general custom dictating that a man should always be kneeling down when putting engagement rings, she refused to stand in church yesterday and opted to kneel as I was standing; breaking the old tradition”, he said.

In Other News: Zimbabwe tycoon buried with US dollars Inside Coffin

When they see someone swimming in luxury, the jealous always console themselves by saying, “he will leave all this when he dies”. Others are quick to attribute the wealth to witchcraft and goblins could have been acquired to fast-track the riches.

But whatever people have said or shall say, prominent Bindura gold dealer Kudzanai Kangara who died of Covid-19 at ...learn more

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