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Khanya Mkangisa on being asked about marriage and kids

When you get to your late 20s and above, you tend to get all kinds of questions, including when you’re getting married or planning to have children. We still feel that this is rather invasive, but some people just don’t get it.

One person who often gets asked these questions is Khanya Mkhangisa.

The 30-year-old TV presenter, who is on the cover of True Love magazine’s December issue, told the mag: “From time to time, I also get the typical ‘when are you getting married and having kids?’ Those are questions I’ve been asking myself. I’m interested to know how this area is going to play out, but I’ve also made peace with the fact that it could go either way.


Khanya also added that she wants whoever fathers her children to be someone she can fully depend on, even when she’s no longer around. She also told that monthly mag that she’s never had a relationship with her father. “But at 21, he reached out and asked that we meet.”

Khanya Mkangisa

The Selimathunzi host was raised by her single mother, Vuyokazi Mkangisa. Taking to Twitter recently, Khanya praised praised her mom for raising her on a nurse’s salary.

“My mom has always been so supportive of me and my career. She used to pick me up from school and drive me to auditions. When I booked YoTV’s Big Yo, on Saturday mornings she’d drive me to studio at 6am in the morning. She never once complained. She didn’t have to do any of this,” she wrote.

Source: Zalebs

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