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Muvhango actress Maumela Mahuwa rubbishes Polygamy – What do you think you’d get out of that

Muvhango‘s Susan may have endured all the hurt and drama that being the first wife in a polygamous marriage brings, but in real life, actress Maumela Mahuwa would never put herself in that position – and she’s explained why.

Polygamy has been a hot topic on social media over the last few weeks, thanks to shows like Mnakwethu. But for Maumela – who has played Susan, the first love and wife of polygamous chief Azwindini Mukwevho, for the last 19 years – her role has taught her that polygamy is not for the faint-hearted.

Maumela Mahuwa

“I would vehemently discourage women to get into polygamous relationships,” she told TshisaLIVE.

“If you see a man and he’s married and he wants to marry you too, I need to ask you something as a woman: if you want to marry a man who is married to someone else, what are you hoping to achieve?

“What do you think you’d get out of that? You are going to spend the rest of your life in a mental tug-of-war with yourself, with the man and with the other woman.”

There are many reasons why Maumela would never participate in a polygamous relationship, but one of the top reasons is that men’s intentions are seldom “pure”.

Maumela Mahuwa

“I really don’t think modern men are suggesting polygamy for the right reasons,” said the actress, who has also launched her music career.

“I will not address the first wife. I will say to the one who wants to be the second wife, how would you feel if another woman did to you what you are doing to that poor woman? How would you feel?

“For me personally, I would never do it – because I prioritize my peace and I don’t like drama. When I am at peace, I am content.”

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