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Mbosso’s love life is troubled

Wasafi Records singer Mbosso has been making headlines in the Tanzanian blogs over claims that he is an addict.This was all based on a condition that he has been fighting since he was a child, and if one is keen they must have already realized that he has a pattern of having shaky hands during some of his interviews.

Though many people insinuated that he was a drug addict, several drug tests have proved otherwise and declared him clean of any drugs. A recent interview he did with Wasafi FM clearly helps him explain his experiences with the audience on the matter.

“Kipindi naingia Mkubwa na Wanae Viongozi wangu walidhani kuna vitu natumia Kutokana na kutetemeka kwangu . Nilijaribu kwenda kwa wataalamu Lakini Wakaniambia kuwa huu ni Ugonjwa wangu wa Kuzaliwa hivyo siwezi kupona” Mbosso opened up

Opening up about his love relationships, he shares how up about how he has had no luck with real love, which is very concerning .According to him, he has always been unlucky or cursed when it comes to love. Every single lady he has dated always ends up getting married to another man.

 “Mahusiano yangu karibia matatu waliokua wapenzi wangu wote waliolewa , yaani wapenzi wangu huwa wanaolewaa” Says Mbosso.

Source: Kelebrity

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