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MC Jessy and Maureen Waititi say they have history


Barely a week after Corazan Kwamboka came out to the public on her breakup with Frankie Just Gym, the other woman who is also in the picture, Maureen Waititi has also come out to speak on her dating situation with MC Jessy as is rumored.

Single mother and entrepreneur, Maureen Waititu has been recently making controversial headlines about her broken relationship with Frankie Just Gym before hinting on a possible relationship with MC Jessy.MC Jessy and Maureen Waititi say they have history

The two have been spotted together on numerous occasions just like her baby daddy Frankie and Corazon before they came clean about dating and bearing a child together.

Maureen was now rumored to be seeking refuge in the Churchill show co-host, Jessy´s arms.During her recent interview on Jessy Junction, the comedian could not help but thirst over the curvy yummy mummy, singing along to Nameless´ Inspire Me track.MC Jessy and Maureen Waititi say they have history

Maureen first clarified they have been good friends for a while now – something majority don´t know yet.

‘’We have come from far.’’

And now that Kenyans had already patched them together, Jessy believed it´s the high time they just started this love spark once and for all.

‘’It´s true we look good together. But Maureen is a very good friend of mine. Lakini si tuanze tu sai ju tumekuja Kinoo.’’
Seemingly referring to her broken relationship with the father of her two boys, the sassy online sensation revealed she has cried endless nights, nursed deep wounds by herself but it is all for a purpose.

Source: Kelebrity