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Meet 21-year-old Zambian pilot who is also a successful farmer in Chongwe


Meet Kalenga Kamwendo, a farmer located in Chongwe and a member of the Mulimi team!

If you think he looks familiar it is because he is famously known as 21 pilot having being at one point the youngest commercial pilot in Zambia.

His journey started in Kitwe in 1994. He attended Nkana Trust and Mpelembe for general education and 43 Air School for tertiary education.

His agriculture journey began in primary school when, for a science project, his class was asked to nurture a bean seed as it matured into a plant and from then the passion never left. He reignited his love for farming when he acquired his first 28acre farm under the name Thakelma Farms in 2018. He started with 10 pigs and a staff team of 3 that have since multiplied to 101 and a staff team of 6. He has since ventured into maize production as well as chilli production.

He says the best time to start is now, so as to bridge the gap between the experienced Zambian farmers and the innovative fresh ideas of the youth as well as introduce new technologies into the Zambian farming scene. He says we have potential to develop agriculture in Zambia to meet the rapidly rising population as well as meet local and international demand as Zambia is strategically positioned to be the bread basket of the region.

His message to the youth is that while agriculture is lucrative and will produce some of Zambia’s next super millionaires people must learn to have and practice patience as it is not a quick riches industry. Lastly he says farming is beautiful, it all depends on the eye of the beholder!

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