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Message to UNILUS students

By Chali Aswel

UNILUS has one job and one job only: To provide quality education and it has done exceptionally well so far, I’d advise they stick to that. Not this S.E.XIST behaviour bullying FEMALE students because thats what this is all about.
Am saying to the student’s union, show leadership and challenge this ruling on the following grounds:


Words like ‘inappropriate’ are subject to individual interpretation. Anyone can wake up and say you look inappropriate, rendering this statement useless and frivolous.


Most of this is clearly directed at female students, unilus is a sexist school. No way a private university regulating students dress code?This is a S.E.XISM undertone-Truth of the matter is that UNILUS isn’t even concerned about the men. It’s the women’s “clothing” they want to regulate. Cushioning male Lecturers’ inability to control themselves.’


UNILUS is a higher learning institution, we shouldn’t even be discussing this. Rusangu University can at least claim religious reasons, what is UNILUS’ claim? This is a ridiculous and Baseless ruling.

4.Thoughts, ideas and even dress should NOT be regulated at a university. A university should be a place where construction of those take place and maybe interrogated not regulated. It defeats its purpose of a private University.
Am calling upon the Students representatives to take up this matter and challenge it.
I thank you.

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