Michael Kaingu – I’m ready to die defending Lungu for nominating Iris

MICHAEL Kaingu says he is ready to die defending the honour that President Edgar Lungu has bestowed upon his family through the nomination of his daughter Iris as Mwandi parliamentary candidate.

He also says, “I’m coming out of retirement to speak for people of Southern Province.”

Speaking at an event where he officially announced his coming back to politics, Kaingu said any sensible person would have done what he has decided to do as a sign of appreciation.

“I’m ready to die defending the honour that President Edgar Lungu has bestowed upon my family through the nomination of my daughter as Mwandi Constituency parliamentary candidate. I’m ready to join the campaign team for PF and ECL,” he said.

Kaingu said he could not continue being a bystander any more.

“I will vigorously campaign for President Lungu and PF and my daughter. I’m overwhelmed by his action of nominating Iris because others only saw wrong in my daughter. I will not sleep in my home. I’m prepared to be a tool to expedite his re-election as President and the entire PF. I feel this is the only way I can thank him,” Kaingu said.

He said the nomination of his daughter demonstrates that in President Lungu’s eyes everyone was equal.

“My daughter is very educated. She has two degrees and it’s befitting for her to be MP because she holds a first degree in Business Administration and a masters. I’m very sure that youths in Zambia through Iris’ nomination will be proud that they have been recognised,” Kaingu said.

He also said he had come out of his self-imposed five-year political leave to speak for the people of Southern Province over the tribal tag labelled against them.

Kaingu said he was coming out of retirement to put the record straight.

“Your Royal Highnesses I have noticed that politicians from here don’t defend the people over this tribal tag no wonder I have come out of my five-year political leave to speak for the people here over this tribal tag labelled against them,” Kaingu said.

He explained that Southern Province was a rare province that accommodated all tribes from other parts of the country.

“I have lived here and I have traveled to all parts of this country. I have never seen a person who does not hail from that region given a position of headman, MP or councillor but here in Southern Province there are individuals from other tribes holding positions here,” Kaingu said. “You have been accused of tribalism but no one is defending you yet you have even given people positions from other regions which can’t happen anywhere else. Not even in Western Province where I hail from. This is the only province you can find someone from another province become councillors or MPs. It’s a rare province unfortunately people from here that are in politics can’t speak to defend the people here. I’m coming out of retirement to speak for people of Southern Province.”

Meanwhile, Iris pledged to engage in issue based campaigns in Mwandi.

“I will not leave any vote unturned. My nomination has restored dignity to my family and has brought hope to youths,” Iris said.

She assured Zambians that with the mentorship of her father and guidance from PF she would pursue issue based campaigns.

“Mwandi Constituency has lost out five years of development since they voted out Dr Kaingu and now they have a chance to work together with me to bring back the lost development. The constituency needs a recovery plan and reconstruction development which will centre on access to health care, agriculture productivity, enhancing quality life for all and access to education,” she said.

Iris pledged not to entertain violence but for rekindling hope.

She thanked her father for being instrumental and a pillar in her life.

“I’m also asking senior chief Inyambo Yeta to bless my political career. People of Mwandi need development and a leader in President Lungu.” Iris said.

She reminded people of Mwandi to remember their efforts and problems adding that their choice on August 12 would determine how their life will be in next five years.

And representing the Southern Province chiefs’ royal council, chief Choongo urged Zambians to be peaceful as the country heads to the polls.

He urged people to vote en masse.

“We are One Zambia One Nation. Therefore, campaign time should not be a time for killing each other,” Choongo said.

He called for people to vote based on ideology and not tribe or nepotism.

Choongo welcomed all political parties to campaign freely in the province.

And welcoming the guests host chief Cooma called for unity of purpose regardless of tribe.

Other chiefs present at meeting are Nyawa, Muchila, Monze, Chona and Mwanza.

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