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Miles Sampa comments on the trending dancing video

Miles Sampa comments on the trending dancing video
On Saturday about 8pm I took my partner for dinner at Chicago’s at East Park Mall.
It’s the same Chicago’s that I and Councillors closed down for 2 months for over crowding against Covid guidelines. They since served their suspension and reopened about last week.
Unlike as being propelled by some, please note that no Zambian owned restaurant we found wanting in our past operations had their licenses suspended for more than 48hrs. We would reprimand them over the weekend and give them back their licences next Monday.
In the spirit of promoting economic resurgence at various restaurants, I was at Chicago’s to have a meal and then asked to play or promote to workers & dinners the ‘wawawa’ anti Covid19 song done by Ephraim.
The video on social media shows that bit of the song promotion. After that, the music volume was lowered again.
We stayed for about an hour and left about 21hrs as can be seen in the clock behind me in the Picture attached.
Despite having a mask on entire time I was there, the video of me dancing however while promoting the Covid song sends a wrong picture on this fight and it’s highly regrettable. I have been and will continue to advocate for total adherence to Covid 19 guidelines by all and me inclusive.
Should bars be opened? maybe so now that it is warmer in summer and also bar owners struggling to survive if closed for longer period. It also seems to me that residents are tired ‘locked up’ at homes and want time out. ‘Ichilaka’ they tell me.
This however is not upto me to decide or pursue as I am on ‘Suspend’ and not at Civic Centre.
The Matter is in able hands of the Central Government via the Local Government Ministry.
Blessed day