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Miles Sampa donates to UNZASU

Miles Sampa donates UNZASU

Last week my office received a letter from the University of Zambia Student Union (UNZASU) President Shadreck Mumba requesting for Covid19 preventative facilities and items.

This morning therefore Shadreck and his Minister of Health Masho Kaloza came to our home office and we donated the following:

Miles Sampa donates UNZASU
1. 6 (six) foot propelled soap and water dispensing hand washing tanks to be placed at Ruins and New Residence student hostels.5 (five) tanks courtesy of Stanbic Zambia and 1 (one) courtesy of Medicci Land Governance.
2. 6 bottles of 1ltr JIK
3. 12 bottles of liquid soap
4. A box of Handsanitizer
5. 100 face masks

We also took the opportunity to formally adopt my former room President bloke 5 room 9 (P5-9) in the Ruins I occupied when I was a student. I will renovate and maintain the room hereon as Mayor.

We reminded all students through their President that Education is the key to all success.
The bit of career success I have is principally all because I spent 6 years at UNZA.

Support to ensure sucess by all pupils and students in the City is amongst our top priorities at the Council.
Together We Can