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Milly WaJesus Spotted Kissing Hubby In Public

Milly WaJesus Spotted Kissing Hubby In Public

Yesterday, the WaJesus family literally broke the internet! Milly surprised citizens after she put her husband Kabi on a billboard, celebrating her birthday. As if that’s not enough, she bought him a new Audi!

This was met by loads of praise. However, this wouldn’t be the first time a Kenyan celebrity couple has done this. Comedian Eric Omondi literally started this trend when he put his ex Chantal on a billboard back in January 2018. It was a ‘welcome home’ gesture.Milly WaJesus Spotted Kissing Hubby In Public

After splashing their fans with hot birthday photos, Milly proceeded to share a rare photo of her kissing with Kabi.

“A rare photo of me kissing my love publicly 🙈🙈 in a short dress. Looking back at everything that happened Yesterday Am so grateful to God. Once more happy birthday my love,” she captioned the photo.

The WaJesus family, having been under security lately for allegedly faking a lavish lifestyle don’t seem to be stopping. The pressure is real when you are a public figure. You need to keep outdoing yourself every single day, because of your fans’ high expectations.

Recently, controversial pastor Godfrey Migwi said that they are not as rich as they want us to think.

“They want to prove to the society that they have money, over one another but that isn’t true. Kwanza wale wanaume wanapenda kupost their wives kutisha watu, ni mikora. Mwanaume ambaye anashindia kutaja bibi yake kuliko biashara ni mkora, according to me,” Migwi said in an interview with Mpasho.


Given that they chose the celebrity path, we can only assume that they are willing to take all the stones that are thrown at them. On to the next stunt!
Source: Kelebrity
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