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Minister Garry Nkombo forces an illegal Kachasu brewer to drink it

In an impromptu visit to Garden compound in Lusaka this morning, Minister of Local Government and Rural development Garry Nkombo forced a brewer of a locally brewed drink called Kachasu and her 2 children suspected to be in their mid-twenties, to drink the unregulated alcoholic beverage that she was brewing illegally.

Accompanied by the Lusaka City Council Town Clerk, Zambia Police, and Council police, the minister sent a stern warning to brewers of Kachasu to desist from brewing and selling the drink is illegal and harmful to the health of the consumers who later turn out to be ‘junkies’ following its unregulated alcohol percentage.

In Other News – 16 year old stabs his 30-year-old girlfriend to death over a condom

A 30-year-old woman of Mkushi District in Central Province has been stabbed to death by her 16 years old boyfriend over the use of a condom. Central Province Police Commanding Officer, Donald Mwandila, has confirmed the development in an interview with ZANIS in Kabwe and...learn more

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