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Minister Gary Nkombo apologizes to the family he forced to drink Kachasu

LOCAL Government and Rural Development Minister Gary Nkombo has apologized to the family of Lusaka’s garden compound whom he yesterday made to taste the locally brewed liquor popularly known as Kachasu which they have been making.

Speaking at a press briefing in Lusaka today, Nkombo said he has reflected on his actions and was sorry to bot the family and the nation at large.

“My engagement with the press is to firstly tender an apology to the lady who we tried to contact this morning by way of bringing her to me to speak with her about the trauma that may have been caused by my emotional action of having them to taste the illegal kachasu which they have been brewing,” Nkombo said.

“And I would like to state that I am very sorry, and I seek their forgiveness. I have searched my soul and I have reflected deeply around my action of inducing the said brewer and her “children” who are not children by the way, to taste and drink the harmful traditional alcohol.”

He described his actions as disproportionate and emotional.

“I am convinced after reflection that it was a disproportionate action on my part and for that, my first call is to say I take full responsibility of that emotional action. And I want to extend my plea for forgiveness not only to the family but also to the nation. I think that there was an excess in my actions,” said Nkombo.

And asked if he would compensate the affected family for his actions, Nkombo said there was no need to compensate an illegality.

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