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Minister of Education announce date for the reopening of schools

MINISTER OF EDUCATION Douglas Syakalima has announced a 100 percent national progression rate to Grade Eight (😎 for the 409, 441 candidates who sat for the 2021 Grade Seven (7) composite examination.

Hon Syakalima disclosed this during the joint release of the 2021 Grade Seven and Grade Nine (9) examination results today.

He said 74, 865 representing 18.2 percent obtained Division one, 107, 167 representing 26.1 percent obtained Division two, 73, 504 representing 17.9 percent obtained Division three while the other 153, 905 representing 37.5 percent obtained Division Four with more girls performing better than boys in the first three divisions.

Hon Syakalima attributed the improved performance of the girl children to interventions by the government and its corporating partners on Girl Child Education aimed at enhancing the participation and performance of girl pupils.

The Minister said the robust school infrastructure development where space at the secondary school level has been created has also contributed to the 100 percent progression rate to Grade 8.

He however said the Ministry of Education is currently reviewing the policy of automatic progression to Grade 8 so that only learners who display required competencies at this level progress.

And Hon Syakalima has announced that 257, 551 candidates sat for the 2021 Grade 9 examinations and 140, 338 candidates representing 54.5 percent obtained certificates compared to the 53.1 percent in 2020.

He revealed that 99, 253 candidates representing 38.5 percent obtained statements whilst 18, 106 candidates representing 7 percent completely failed the examination.

Minister Syakalima said the 140, 338 candidates who obtained the full Grade Nine Certificates progress to Grade Ten (10) representing a national progression rate to Grade Ten of 54.5 percent compared to the 53 percent attained in 2020.
Meanwhile, Mr. Syakalima has announced that schools will reopen on 24th January 2021 as opposed to the initial 10th January 2021.

The Minister said this is in view of the fourth wave of the pandemic so as to facilitate the vaccination of pupils whilst giving time to the Ministry of Education to assess the effects of the pandemic before schools reopen.

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