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Ministry of Health Employees steal k1.3billion meant for COVID relief

Ministry of Health Employees steal k1.3billion meant for COVID relief

It’s not the first time we are hearing of accusations of the theft and unchecked banditry at the Ministry of Health from issues of expired drugs, over-inflated ambulances, corruption allegations, dubious contracts being awarded and now we hear of the K1.3b COVID-19 funds being looted. All this under the watchful eye of our ‘robust’ Minister of Health Dr Chitalu Chilufya who directly reports to the Head of State.

One begins to wonder whether the Ministry of Health is being used as a conduit of sophisticated crimes or whether its someone’s personal-to-holder cash cow. The alleged criminal activities that are taking place in this very important public institution should worry every concerned citizen and taxpayer.

Imagine what K1.3b can do to a rural health post or a school or indeed to the youth languishing on the streets looking for opportunities in employment. Imagine how many retirees would get their hard-earned pension or how many bursaries could be taken care of. Imagine how such resources could have been used to avoid deaths like that of young Ian Mutambo, the 24-year-old frontline worker who died in an accident while personally transporting COVID-19 samples using a public bus.

His Excellency President Lungu ought to feel ashamed that his lieutenants are a bunch selfish criminals who are into leadership for selfish motives and this feeling must move him to take action because ultimately, the back ends with him as leader of government.

The disrespect of citizens, systems and the nation’s resources is just unprecedented. Such kind of stealing makes people doubt the wholesome developmental agenda of government because it can be concluded that the rot is not just at the Ministry of Health but across all government ministries and departments and that national development is stunted because of criminality in public offices. That is why even when the government or the President does something good, its ridiculed by the majority of citizens. Zambians believe Prophet Seer 1 more than their own President. This should not be the case.

The actions of government leaders are a great injury and an insult to mother Zambia and only a fool can support such acts of evil proportions. Now imagine the crimes that we don’t know about.

The only comfort now is that the people of Zambia have an opportunity in 10 months time to decide via the ballot if they want stomach any more such crimes because its highly doubtful if our great leader has the guts take action because for some strange reason, he has been watching from the terraces like all of us.

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